Business to business, also known as B2B, is the relationship or selling transaction between two businesses. This is of course different from a business selling directly to a consumer. When advertising to a consumer (B2C), it’s easier to build awareness. Purchase choices are based on want so marketing would entail triggering their emotions. This is not the case with B2B advertising. So what kind of marketing works then


In B2B, typically purchase decisions are based on a specific need with a budget in mind. Consumers are more likely to dig deeper on their own because they’re very educated and know the market. They can find what they’re looking for online very quickly. This is why it’s important to be there and visible for them to find easily online. The best way to do this is via social media and through all digital channels. But that’s not all. A prospect might find you easily, but they will also be evaluating what you have to offer and how well you present it.

Create Informative Content

So, one of the first ways to begin relationships is by creating informative, educational content. Typically, B2B buyers know what they need but want to find options and compare them. Education is a part of every advertising process, but it’s more crucial in the B2B customer journey. This is because most people aren’t going to make a decision based on a few quick reviews.

A better way is to put together blogs, social media posts, white papers, and educational content. An essential process to the success of your B2B marketing program is basing it on very specific keywords that ‘pop’ for the interested party. With a wealth of educational materials and knowledge, a customer is more likely to express interest that gets the provider’s foot in the door. Only then can the real effort to sell begin.

Being Aware of Industry Demands

A B2B digital agency has to be aware of the needs of the industry. Especially focusing on new innovations that will appeal to the business and have them considering more carefully what the product or service offers above the competition. It’s also important to align this information with the goals of the business advertising their products and services. Our goal with content is to create value. It can also get technical because it’s the knowledge that is the selling point.

Often in B2B we don’t have trendy or “Instagrammable” advertising or influencer marketing for brands. A metal machine part, or niche software can’t market itself like a running shoe. The influencers in B2B are more often industry experts or software analysts and known personalities in a particular field.

ROI and Leads Focus

Once your blogs, social media posts, white papers, and educational content based materials are ready – a strategy for advertising needs to be developed that gets ROI and leads to real sales. Building awareness is important but digitally marketing your company requires experience. It’s important to have partners that can help put your company out in front. We can help craft content that works to attract prospects in your industry, and then we focus on developing a sales-driven plan for digital marketing using your website and the best combination of paid and organic advertising.

Finding the Right B2B Digital Marketing Company

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Author: Lisa Gertsman
President, Précision Marketing/Gravitation Digital

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