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Have you been wondering how to use Instagram? Need some tips to maximize it’s powerful potential? Curious about the latest updates in 2021? We created a free start-up guide to get you going.

Here is Part 1: The Basics
Instagram Guide_Precision Marketing 2021

Let’s start with…There has never been a better time to create an Instagram account to take advantage the amazing business results it offers. 1.047 billion people use Instagram every month, it positions Instagram behind Facebook (2.8 billion) but ahead of most other social network sites, including Twitter (which has a “reachable” audience of 353 million) and Pinterest (459 million). 71% of businesses claim to use Instagram every day.

This guide provides an easy, simple way to get started using Instagram’s incredible power. My Instagram series will be presented in a number of different parts, so you can learn the basics, then move on to the platform’s more technical aspects, and finally, learn how to make money using it.

Customer-Centric Culture. What Does it Mean and How Will It Benefit You?

Customer-Centric Culture. What Does it Mean and How Will It Benefit You?

The customer-centric culture. It is essential for today’s business but what is it exactly? If you want to be an up and coming company that sets itself apart from others, you’ll want to get in on this practice. Even if your product is fantastic, that doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to resonate with your business. You must earn growth and it needs to be done with careful consideration.

Maybe you’ve noticed that some B2B customers will say their suppliers or vendors are partners. This is what customers expect out of the people they purchase from now. Someone who cares just as much about their business as they do. That is the sort of message you must send them. If you really want to excel in your business, you need to say out loud what your customers are thinking. This will take some work on your part. You will want to be committed to customer-centricity, be innovative, and be good to your employees so your clients will experience consistency.

If you want to reach your customer base on a broad spectrum, you’ll want to incorporate the following:
• Analyze the efficacy of your business and share the benefits and proof you find.
• Research that is both biased and unbiased.
• If possible, meet your customers in person. You can do video calls if your business is based online.
• You should have insights on things that you likely don’t want to focus on but are essential to your growth.
These customer-centric approaches bring you close to your clients and allow you develop great relationships with them at the same time.

Surveys for Insight
It’s important to know what your customers need from you. This allows you to create a better product or service. You find out what their challenges are. Surveys will often ask customers what their short- and long-term plans are. This then gives you plenty of time to create the roadmap in your business that will meet their needs later. You’ll probably be surprised at what they have to say.

Do be warned however that surveys are considered biased. People that have developed a business relationship with you are likely going to be kind and not offer constructive criticism to the degree you need it for advancement. There are ways you can ask questions that makes someone more likely to be honest.

Roundtables for Qualitative Research
It’s a good idea to invite the top customers you work with into your facility or take your executives to meet with customers. What you want out of these meetings is to set up a long-term roadmap. Listen to every word they say. Some of their buzzwords could be quite valuable for SEO later down the road. Find out what they feel is missing in your product/service. Ask them what you could do better. Find out the trends they are investing in right now. This will allow you to understand what it would take to have them as long-term clients.

Listen to the Social Buzz
Check out tweets and posts from conversations buzzing around on social media. This is where you’re going to get the invaluable unbiased opinion. If they are talking about your brand, it’s great to get insight this way. They are saying how they really feel on social media. Even conversations regarding your industry are helpful. These conversations on social media let you know where people’s heads are really at. What their grievances are and what they want/need.
There are tools that allow you to more easily and efficiently listen in on these conversations. Through the analyzation these tools can do, you’ll learn who is influencing your industry and how. You’ll get in on the lingo and terminology that is being used too so you’ll learn how to speak the language of your customer.

Data Analysis
All types of data are essential to getting to know what your customers needs really are. While first-party customer data is widely used, going deeper will give you far more insight. Data that directly relate to your company. You can look through your website data as well as your POS. Data helps you to see why you might be losing your market share. You can find out when and where it fails you as well. You can then use this data to pinpoint the segments you aren’t doing so well in and where you’re thriving in terms of customers.

Big data is the future and it’s important to get to know it. Your competitors will eventually be utilizing it. Why not get ahead of the pack by starting today? There are tools that help you get the data you need such as customer management platforms.

Get Feedback Through Forms
Make sure that any time a customer is touching upon your business, there is the opportunity to gain feedback from them. When you invite customers to give you feedback, you not only get valuable information on their experience, but they feel relevant. Getting feedback is the actionable way to really be customer-centric. You want to know how they’re feeling all the time. Asking for feedback at every touchpoint gives you such valuable data for making your customer experience the best it can be. You can collect the date, analyze it, and constantly be better for your customers. When you improve their complaints, they feel that they’re important to you.

You can use feedback forms on your website, on display ads, social media pages etc.
There are so many people out there trying to be an entrepreneur at this point. It’s important that you deeply know your customer base and let them know how important they are to you. This culture of being customer-centric is what people expect. If you want to keep up, you’ll have to adopt it. It’s exciting to get your company brand and marketing strategies so strategic that it starts to show results in your sales.

Customers become passionate about your business and that feels good too. Follow these practices to get to know your customers and what they want from you.

Tips for Finding the Right Brand Name

Tips for Finding the Right Brand Name

Branding. It gives your business a face, a personality, something someone can look at and know what you offer.

Getting your brand right is an important part of the process. If you are launching a product or service, first impressions matter. Giving it the right name, the look, colors, etc. Branding says a lot about your business through subtleties that are often subconscious to the observer. Pink naturally relaxes us, green makes us think of money, and blue represents trustworthiness.

Naming your company or your products/services isn’t an easy task. Even if you have chosen some great names, odds are, the domain has been taken already. Instead of doing a major name searching or generating a name online, understand the psychology behind branding. This is far more valuable than finding the name that best suits your brand.

Aspiration Naming
By giving your company name something that is aspirational, you’re speaking right to the consumer’s heart. You are highlighting their desires. This gets them thinking past what your product is and creates an association with memorable moments in their life that make them feel good. Like a fairytale their mom would read them before bed.

Let’s look to Volkswagen (a German word), which when translated to English means the “people’s car.” It still means something today but it was brilliant marketing move at a time when there were a lot of poor people in Germany and gas was expensive. If you’re a small business, it may be hard to pull off this style of brand naming. This is because if you’re going to create a name based on a feeling, you will have to deliver that feeling to your customers. This can take a large budget to meet the expectations of your customers. If you disappoint them, your business will quickly deteriorate. Starbucks has created a brand of bringing everyone together through coffee. They spend a lot of money creating an environment where people feel safe and want to come together. They effectively represent their brand. Will you be able to?

Think Practicality
By branding in a practical way, you are giving your potential clients a sense of security. You also sound authoritative so people are going to put trust in you. If it is natural for you, cutting out the fluff and being transparent and quite literal in your naming can work for you. Facebook is a good example. Simple word that is basically letting you know when you go to the site, there will be a bunch of people’s faces in an index style. This kind of naming leaves nobody surprised, which builds immediate trust.

The downside to this style of brand naming is it could become irrelevant. If your business changes, your name might not make sense anymore. Facebook doesn’t really make any sense based on the site it’s become now. It did in the beginning as it was literally a book of faces online. Consider how this situation might backfire with your own business later on down the road. It could cease to make sense and create an inconsistency with what your product or service is.

The Comic Touch
Sometimes you can get away with giving people something to laugh about in your brand name. If you can conjure up a positive emotion in people, they will remember your brand in fondness. You may capture people’s attention and they may assume that you, as the owner have a sense of humor. This could really resonate with people when you are trying to get out in front of the crowds. You give your business some character, a personality of it’s own.

You have to be careful with humor though. You can potentially insult someone and do the opposite for your business that you’re aspiring for. Yahoo did it right. They actually stand for:
Y – yet
A – another
H – Hierarchical
O – Officious
O – Oracle

It’s a bit cheeky but funny as well with a dose of healthy sarcasm. It has a lot of character right? As a side note, consider how they’re branding looks. It is literally bursting with personality. Here’s the thing, you’ll want to have the kind of company with a big personality you can showcase. You want to be true to your name so this might not be a good option if you’re not a silly kind of company.

A few tips to leave you with that can help you come up with a name:

Think About What Your Business Would Be If It Had a Personality
This might seem slightly challenging but if you can figure out your business’ character, the name for it will come easily. It will be an effective name that will represent the type of product or service you offer.

Imagine that your business is a real person. How would it talk? You could actually have fun with this. Maybe it’s a surfer dude or a high brow British diplomat. Maybe it’s from Louisiana. You get the point. What would your business want to talk about at social events? What would be the key phrases it would speak about? Think about what your business sounds like to get a glimpse on what it should be called.

Think About the Creative Things
This should be quite a fun exercise. Visualize what colors your business should have to best represent it. Check out all the many different fonts to see which one would be perfect for your business image. This also helps you figure out what the name should be. It might conjure up emotions in you to look at these other aspects and then the name will come.

Once you’ve found the brand name you’re sure will fit, Google it, check the trademark in your area. If you are going global, consider whether the name is going to make sense in other languages when translated.

A strong, memorable name isn’t easy to find but it is so incredibly important so don’t settle for something because it’s available. Just keep brainstorming and following the above practices. This is the first impression of your business. Make it count.

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How to Keep a Growth Mindset During the Summer Months

We all want to succeed and push ahead. It helps if we have the right mindset. Those with a growth mindset believe that one can always improve, catch up, or even surpass others’ natural talents. How can we continue to keep up this drive when things slow down in the summer? Read on.

Developing a growth mindset is challenging but there are things you can incorporate throughout your day to day, no matter what you’re doing to continue your self development and mindset practice even during the slower days of summer.

Focus on learning more about your family or friends. Think of ways you can help and encourage your business partners and employees and colleagues to also develop a growth mindset. Sometimes, it takes stepping away from it all to gain greater insights. So, enjoy your summer with people you care about, and let the juices of creativity start flowing.

Here are a few ways that will keep you in the game even when you’re relaxing under the sun.

Spending Quality Time with Those You Love
Success without fulfillment is a failure. This is what some of the great successful people will tell you. They know because they’re at the top so they’ve seen it first hand. Many wealthy people are unhappy because their personal life was ignored while they rose to the top. When business slows down, you get precious time with family. Using your growth mindset with family can bring you closer. Having real conversations with your partner and children can allow you to grow as a better parent or partner. You are getting closer to the people you love, while still training your brain. It’s good practice and you’re also gaining something valuable.

Learning a Fun, New Pastime
Doing something brand new is awkward. Your mind may limit you, making it hard to accomplish a new activity Your mind isn’t sure what to do and this can cause you to be uncharacteristically clumsy. Surfing, for example will take some practice. As you learn, you’ll have many choices on whether to stay in a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. This kind of practice will show you exactly what you’re choosing. If you don’t improve because you’re not listening to the instructor, you’re not in a growth mindset. Your ego is deciding that it knows better, and you will make the same mistake over and over. If you improve every day you try it, you know you’re in a growth mindset. Not only can you learn something fun but again, you’re keeping that growth mindset keen.

Take Time to Look at Your Business
Summer is slow for many businesses. This is a great time to analyze what isn’t working and creating changes. You may be able to reflect on successes and failures based on reports. As you analyze your business, you can start to see where some changes can be made. You have the time to sit with how you want to handle the changes you’re looking to implement. Think of your employees and how you can give them opportunity to shine as you create change. Think of important tasks you can give them that will be highly motivating.

Reflect On Yourself
Are there times where you shut down or get angry? Maybe there was a plunge in sales or your team wasn’t working to their best abilities. It’s not easy running a business some days, but even the worst moments can serve as a lesson for growth. You have triggers like everyone else. What are these triggers, and how can you work past them when they occur? Getting angry, being afraid, anxious, or any of those other negative feelings get your nowhere. Growth mindset practice means jumping over your shadow in these times, so you don’t try to protect a part of you that creates stagnancy. This is challenging work for anyone, but it will make you better in all aspects of your life and business.

Enjoy your summer, take some time to honor the work you’ve done creating a growth mindset. When things get busy again, you’ll be excited at all the new positive implementations you have in mind. You’ll feel stronger and more confident. It’s a type of self development that makes everything in your life fulfilling so enjoy the process.

Great Reads to Develop Successful Habits & Mindsets

It’s important to find a few mentors when you’re looking to succeed in anything. We can learn from someone who has already accomplished what we want to do. There are ways to find mentors, but you can also learn the ways of great mentors through reading their books. In these books, you can find out what they wanted the outcome to be, how they got past hardships, and learn their tips about coping with common mishaps. When you immerse in reading a book from someone you deeply respect, it’s almost like their voice is right there, cheering you on.

There are many great books out there from many successful people. They can give you great insight on how to develop a positive mindset that will allow you to develop successful habits. Here are a few picks that I enjoyed recently from a few of my mentors in self development.

Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett is one of the 50 wealthiest men under 50 in the US. He has built one of the largest financial organizations in the country. Many people have said he is the fastest growing businessman in the history of social media. It goes without saying that he has a positive mindset and it’s taken him far. In #MAXOUT YOUR LIFE, he shares his strategies and techniques to you. There is an emphasis on changing your mind frame to change your outcome and your life. A deeply inspiring read.

How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t: 14 Habits that Are Holding You Back from Happiness
Andrea Owen

This book is like a mentor giving you the straight up approach on why you don’t have what you want. It’s written as a tool for women to self-improve. There are common self-destructive behaviors that women are known to fall into. Things like listening to your inner imposter or critic. The people pleasing that never gets you what you want. Andrew Owen creates the chapters so that you feel more and more empowered. By the end, you have the tools to feel empowered and give yourself the fulfillment you deserve.

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity
Dean Graziosi

This book was developed so take readers from where they are in life to where they want to be. That takes changing your mindset. Graziosi teaches you about success habits and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. He gets you thinking about what things aren’t doing your life justice when you have a goal in mind. Then you’re able to replace them with successful habits. The recipes for success are simple and tangible, which is what makes this book such a revelation.

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza has written a few New York times Bestseller books already. This book is based on research he conducted with his workshops in the past. He observed how people were able to completely transform their lives. It involves the ideologies or science and ancient wisdom. As you read through, you’ll learn that you’re supernatural by nature. If you have the knowledge and instruction, you can change your life completely in a positive way. He guides you through meditations that allow you to express your true self. Through constant effort, you can change your brain chemistry and develop new skills to give you everything you could ever want. If you resonate well with spiritual practices, this book can help you change your pattern of thought and way of being.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
by Carol S. Dweck

Dweck is a well-known Stanford University psychologist. This book is all about the power of your mindset. She will demonstrate throughout her book how you can influence your life through the thoughts you have about your talents and abilities. If you’re mindset is fixed, your abilities are too. If you have a growth mindset, you’re more likely to flourish. She also introduces the false growth mindset concept and helps you find the deeper and more true growth mindset that exists.

Reading books like these will remind you everyday how to think for maximum growth. Through these thoughts, you’ll build a foundation that allows you to have successful habits. When you have this kind of foundation, there are no limits. You’ll have more creative ideas and believe in your ability to accomplish them.

Entrepreneurs: How to Quickly Expand Your Business with Growth Mindset

If you’ve started a business, it was probably doing something you love to do. As an entrepreneur, you may also have to do things don’t like or you’re not proficient at. The email inquiries that pile up, the accounting, and the marketing.

There are so many things that take away from what you really love to do. This can cause you to feel overwhelmed and not as passionate about getting out of bed to take on the day.

The work that fulfills you is what you went in business for. The entrepreneurial mind means having the right mindset that allows you to make more money. You could potentially make more money by delegating certain things to people who love doing what you dislike doing. When you clear away all the “must dos” and focus on being the entrepreneur, there will be more fulfillment. Otherwise, it just feels like a job. These tips will help entrepreneurs like you find the help you need and how to manage the help you have.

What do You Need to Grow Your Business?

It’s first important to ask what you need to do in order to grow your business. Think about the time you spend on things you don’t like doing. How much time is it taking? As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to use your skills, knowledge, and expertise. Can you monetize that time by doing your own work and hiring someone when you need them? Ask yourself what your goals are for your business. If there are a lot of small things on your plate like filling out spreadsheets and responding to emails, you might want to hire a virtual assistant for just 5-10 hours a week. That is one thing you won’t have to worry about anymore and it will free up a good chunk of your week.

Common Things Most Businesses Need Help With

There are many important things that you can use help with as an entrepreneur to maintain customers, grow, and thrive.

If your entrepreneurial business sells products or services online, you will likely have a website. Depending on your marketing structure, you may have a blog and social medial business pages or events to manage. If this is the case, it’s hard to keep up with reaching out to your target audience constantly. Also, you might not communicate with them in a compelling way that makes them want to purchase. As an entrepreneur, your success relies on the creation of paying customers that are loyal. This can take a lot of work and can be a challenging, well thought out process. If you’re not a seasoned online marketing expert, we can create and maintain your blog while helping you with your social media platforms.

Communication with Customers and Suppliers
Answering email inquiries can mean a lot of background research and work. Finding help with this is important to save time. If there are returns or someone has a question about your business, this can be time consuming. As an entrepreneur, your livelihood depends on communication with your clients. This can mean you’re being taken away from your deeper work many times an hour. Research has found that our minds were not designed to multi-task. Work ends up being subpar on all ends.

Web Design and Development
If you’re not a pro programmer, messing around with your website can be time consuming and you might have problems with the site which can turn clients away. It might run too slowly or perhaps doesn’t look good. Outsourcing will save you a lot of guesswork and time with peace of mind that your website is well taken care of by knowledgeable people like us.

How to Get the Most Out of the People You Work With

When you decided to become an entrepreneur, you probably didn’t think about the skills you would need to lead. It’s an integral part of your business if you want it to grow. You might decide to hire freelancers or maybe you have in-house staff. Whatever you’ve decided on for help, you also need to orchestrate how they can be the most help to you. That means you must to be a good leader.

This is important for any entrepreneur. Knowing what you want is the priority which means leading with your heart and head.Be open to learning from your staff. You hired them because you believed in them. Their ideas can save you time and money. It also helps them to stay motivated because they feel like they’re making a difference.

Positive Mindset = Business Growth

When you experience problems with your business, don’t panic. Embrace challenges. Work hard and be a part of your organization. Not so much that your team doesn’t feel like they have a place in it, however. Let people understand what you’re looking to achieve. When there’s a roadblock, they may have a solid answer for the problem.

Using your mindset to create more growth and meet your goals will free up a lot of your time. It is part of what will make you a successful entrepreneur in the long run. When a problem arises, you’re more capable of embracing problems because you’re not overwhelmed with an unmanageable workload. You can also use those opportunities to ask your team for their views on a solution.

When you have a growth mindset, you treat your team like an asset. They resonate with that and give you more. Then you get to focus on the tasks you love and thrive at with your business.

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How Your Mindset Influences Your Success as an Entrepreneur

Did you know that it’s just as important to have the right mindset as it is to have a good business idea? Without the right mindset, all the opportunities that could be will simply fall to the wayside. An entrepreneurial mind combines good ideas with the mindset to pull through and let them flourish. You must have a vision and then make it your reality. How you think will have a large part to play. If you don’t have the right mindset right now, the good news is that they can be learned and practiced. With the new skills you hone, you’ll be more successful.

What Exactly is Mindset?

A mindset is a belief that becomes your actions. You handle situations through your beliefs. It’s how you navigate what you should do. Your mindset will help you find opportunities, or they’ll put you into self-defeating cycles. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist reported on mindsets in 2006. She concluded that if your fixed mindset is innate, you’ll have a hard time with failure. It puts doubt into your mind on how good you are.  

If you have a fixed mind frame, you use your effort to prove how good you are. This creates defensiveness when someone points out a mistake you made. When you fail, you measure that as how good you are. So, while you might feel on cloud nine (or just neutral) when you succeed, failure can cause you to downward spiral. Someone with a growth mindset will persevere past failure. They are resilient even amongst adversity. You see it with someone like Warren Buffett who was wealthy, bankrupt, and then wealthy again. Truly successful business people have a growth mindset. That’s how they got to where they are in the world.

What a Fixed Mindset Looks Like in Business

A negative way of thinking, or mindset, can wreak havoc on your business. You lack flexibility so your business doesn’t have a chance to grow. If you’re not a good leader in this sense, the people that work under you won’t feel inspired. An unwillingness to take advice from your brilliant team can cause you to lose out on opportunities for growth. Napoleon’s downfall, in part, was shooting the messenger every time they gave him bad news. Eventually, nobody told him what was going on and it ended in disaster for him and his army. If you have a mindset of non-abundance, you’re going to have that tension. You’ll react and make choices from a place in yourself that doesn’t feel there is enough business or enough money to succeed. This will cause you to make choices based on that negative mindset.

What a Growth Mindset Looks Like

A positive mindset is about solving problems as they arise. Not letting them get so overwhelming that you can’t think straight. It’s about being open minded and honest, being the leader that people can look up to. Being realistic about your goals and knowing how to measure progress can only come from a clear mind. When you can learn from your mistakes and make things better, this allows you and your business to grow. You don’t give up and you seek out the help of others, taking their advice and rolling with it. This allows your team to feel valued, which is motivation for them to work hard for you. Instead of throwing out raises, you make your employees loyal and passionate about working for you.

Changing from Fixed to Growth Mindset

You can take steps to change your mindset as it’s not a fundamental part of your character. Start asking “what if” and “why” when you’re looking for a new way to deal with a problem. This takes away that nagging voice that says you’re not good enough. It’s a change of focus on how you think. You want to look for new way to learn and do things.

See that you do have the potential to learn and achieve whatever you want. This is about stretching your mind and making it sharper. It’s scary to go out of your comfort zone but this is how you will grow and accomplish things you never thought possible (with that old fixed mindset). Even if you fail, work through it and find solutions. When you do this and you turn things around, the confidence will start to build in you. The positive growth mindset will become a natural occurrence as the shift takes place.

Changing Your Mindset

It takes a change of perception to change your mindset towards things. Here are some helpful tips to get you in a growth mindset:

  • Be mindful as you look to solve a problem. Observe the situation, identify the problem, and act on the passionate solution you come up with.
  • See your problems as a happy challenge and get certain that you can find the solutions instead of allowing feelings of defeat to sneak in.
  • When there’s a problem that comes up, be creative. This could mean being resourceful.
  • See failure in a different way. If things don’t go the way you wanted them to, take some time to look at the reasons why. This will allow you to make things better for the next time. Every failure is one step closer to success.
  • Don’t get too disappointed or give up when there is a challenge. Make an intelligent change to your course of action.

Mindset Skills

The mindset skills you want as an entrepreneur will help you create growth in your company. You will have a team that are excited and passionate to come to work. You’ll feel a great energy when you enter into your workspace. There’s less burnout and less resistance. These skills will not only help you as an entrepreneur but also in other aspects of your life. It’s worth honing these skills. When you do, you can get to the mindset that has no boundaries. You can manage any problem and accept failures as a chance for growth.

Creativity – When you can be creative, there are no limits to what you can accomplish for your business. This is a bold, imaginative mindset that takes away any of your old limited ways of thinking.

Teamwork – Your team of people is what will help you get things accomplished. You have extra minds so they can offer a difference in perception. They have skills and talents you don’t have. Embrace this part of them and give them the freedom to help you.

Idea Generation – Innovation is important for any business. If you want your business to grow and thrive, you want to have ideas being brought to the table all the time. Even the wildest ideas can be watered down to be something extremely successful. Let your mind, and the mind of your team, be free to think outside of the box.

Opportunity Analysis – It’s important to analyze what’s going on in business and specifically in your industry. Look at the patterns and trends to figure out if your idea is becoming available at the right time and if it will be successful. Gathering up information about your target audience (the people who will be using your product/service). This will allow you to turn the idea you have into the thing they want.

Design Thinking – This is your ability to create the right solutions. To do this, you need to have a fundamental understanding of your users. Getting feedback from them allows you to design based on their needs and wants.

Prototyping – Entrepreneurs that create prototypes will want to first create a simple model just so the world can understand the initial vision. From there, they can get feedback which will allow you to improve your product. This takes flexibility on your part with the ability to take constructive criticism.

You want to create a product or service that people want to buy. That’s the whole point of being an entrepreneur. It’s essential that you embrace the feedback you get. If you find it’s uncomfortable to receive negative feedback, remember that you’re working on having the growth mindset. Look past your perceptions and feelings. The bigger picture is that when you take this feedback gracefully and make changes, your chances of success are much greater.

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Demand Generation Tips to Help B2B Marketers Excel

Demand generation. It’s not an easy task but it comes with effective outcomes if done correctly. There are many channels and strategies you can use which almost makes the task more daunting. Many B2B marketing organizations will be caught up in the huge pool of options and not produce results. There is a lot of time spent on creating valuable and quality content and then ensuring the campaign is performing well. It is the best method for success but it’s not always easy to get the right leads, take the opportunities when they’re available to you, and create satisfied customers.

The rule of thumb with demand generation is to do less but do it properly. So what does that mean exactly? What is the right way?

Offer Something Lucrative for Free

This has been a strategy used for decades. Give your potential clients something free. Something useful that they cannot resist. You may want to step outside the norm on this though. So many companies are using eBooks so it’s not as exciting to receive a freebee anymore. Offer a useful tool that makes your potential customer’s life easier.

The new free stuff people will subscribe for include:

  • Tools that are interactive.
  • Checklists that help them organize their day.
  • Calculators.
  • Courses that are education.
  • Certification programs.

Re-purposing Content

There is a lot of work that goes into creating content. It takes hours to write, get the facts, create incredible headlines, figure out what your target audience wants to know about, and more. This is why you should go ahead and reuse the content. Make it worth your while and use it for a variety of channels by doing a bit of tweaking to make it fit. This is going to maximize what you get out of your content.

A great example of this is turning a 10,000-word eBook into a few smaller articles for your blog. Perhaps creating a few Facebook posts that summarize various chapters of your eBook. You can of course add some of this information into your monthly newsletters too. You can even make a video out of the concept of articles. Add pictures that coincide with your content and add background music. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else you choose.

If you’re creating great content, you might as well reorganize it to work for you repeatedly. This saves you a lot of time and money. It also keeps your brand message consistent.

Offering Social Proof

Your business is going to need to prove itself through social media and other digital methods. A great way to do this is to highlight your customers. You can do this through your content creation. Why does this work? It shows other potential customers that you have a great product or service that people are happy with. A statistic from Demand Gen Report’s seventh Annual B2B Buyers Survey says that 67% of B2B buyers have trust in recommendations from their peers.

Highlight how happy your customers are across all your marketing channels. This is a great method to be used through the whole marketing funnel. It makes you more real and reputable to people who are unaware of your business but have an interest in purchasing from you. Share customer stories and testimonials. You might even want to see about video testimonials or stories; this can have even more impact.

A/B Testing Marketing Emails

If you do demand generation emails but you’re not seeing a benefit to it, you are wasting precious resources. It’s important to do A/B testing on your emails so you know what works and what does not. Email has been found to give you the highest ROI when compared to other marketing channels. Of course this is only the case if you do it right.

There are email-marketing tools that will help you make the most of your emails. When you do split testing (A/B testing), you will start by testing disruptive elements and progress through to the least disruptive.

You’ll want to test elements such as sender, the subject line, preview text, what the messages says, main and supporting images, the design and colors as well as CTAs.

Content on Your Site that is Personalized

If you’ve got people coming to your site or social platforms, you want to ensure all obstacles or friction are removed. Do you have all the right information that they need? Do they have easy access to get that information?

It’s important that you have content, which will help the buyer through the ‘sales funnel.’ Having the right content placed in the right spot can have a major impact. It can make or break a person wanting to buy what you’re selling. If they weren’t sure, they become sure. Alternatively, if they really wanted to buy and content was misplaced, they may leave you for good. It’s important to remember this when you’re creating your website.

Consider what the lead goes through when they’re on your site. Are they getting the content they need and is it in the right order? Your content should be smart and help you accomplish your sales goals. Your website serves a function. It is a store that should be designed to invite people in, give them information, show them value, and make them want to buy. Your content has the power to do this, use it wisely.

Nurture Your Clients

It’s great to generate many leads, having plenty of followers and people who subscribe to you. It’s important that you nurture everyone. Every demand marketer that will excel knows the importance of full-funnel lead nurturing. While you used to do this through emails and SMS, technology allows you to extend out to a variety of channels and mediums.

Getting to know your audience and what they want out of life is an important part of the funnel. When you know what prevents a person from purchasing or not, you can create a message that could turn them around. You can make them see the value in your company and products/services again. This is going to help you gain a higher closing rate per lead. You have to pay close attention to your customers and find out what they need to hear from you. This should be easy as you have your business for longer. It takes a few minutes but brings you closer to a sale every time.

Demand generation is all about highly targeting your audience. You send strategic messages that hit the right heartstrings on the right people. You streamline your marketing efforts so you spend less while maximizing your sales. It isn’t easy to develop but the reward is worth the effort you put into it. If you’re going to spend money for online marketing, you want results. These practices are the most effective means to get those results.

10 Helpful Tips to Generate Sales with Social Media

10 Helpful Tips to Generate Sales with Social Media

Today, all businesses are going to need to leverage social media. It has become one of the most essential platforms for getting your message out. It draws relevant traffic to your site and can convert those leads into sales. It’s an art to write social posts that will capture the attention of the people you want it to. If you can figure out the recipe however, you can expect great gain. If your posts are too hard selling and not helpful or authentic, it probably won’t translate well. There are certain ways you can convey your honesty and genuine care for customers.

Here are 10 great tips that will help you succeed with social media based on analyzing your business.

1. Strategic Content Use

You can’t just add content and hope for the best. A process of thought and effort has to be put forth. You want to add value to every bit of content you post. It is the content that allows people to know what you’re about. It’s what will draw them in and make them loyal customers. You want to add strategic content that entices them to follow you and send them to your website.

When you post, you want to ensure you give people quality content that matters to your target audience. Help them solve the pain point, the problem they are having in their life that you can solve. You also want to add different kinds of content that resonate. This includes images, video, GIFs, text, infographics. Make sure to create a social media calendar and time when you’ll post your content on social media. You can determine when your target audience is online by using your analytics. This is the time you post. 

2. Discover and Monitor Prospects

You can get a lot of results by using monitoring to discover new leads and prospects. Why does this matter? Find relevant people, follow them and engage with them. Start conversations, jump in on threads that you are knowledgeable about. Engage with your prospects. LinkedIn is helpful, offering advanced search options and the Sales NAV option.

For salespeople, it is extremely helpful to generate results that give you the exact people you’re targeting. You can also search for companies, find connections with the company and make sales, all in one platform. 

3. Get into the Group Movement

It’s important that you join groups that apply to your business. Also, it’s advisable that you create your own group. Social media makes it easy to make your own group and invite people. Joining other groups are a good way to source leads and prospects. Groups allow you to see where your target audience is ‘hanging out’ online. What do they care about? Groups they have joined will give you some insight. You also can get active, join those groups and start engaging with them.

It’s a fact that many people join groups to find answers to their problems. They also use them to find products/services that they need. Social selling matters because this is the ‘go-to’ for people to find what they’re looking for. Pay attention to these groups, be a part of them, and contribute valuable knowledge.

4. Talk about the Trends

There are trending topics going around the internet all the time. Leverage that information and talk about it. Check out trending hashtags so you know what the hot topics are. Then, incorporate them into your posts on social media. These hashtags can give you greater exposure where people may find you. Social media gives you the opportunity to create a fun character within your brand. People like surprising anecdotes that they maybe wouldn’t have expected from you. If you can successfully use today’s trends to promote your business, you should be able to get more prospects.

5. Be Real

To be approachable, you will have to be real. Having conversations on social media is all about being true and real. If you have a hint of sass in your posts, work that. You may wish to be more casual or even try being funny. If you constantly start and maintain relationships with open conversations around topics that your target audience want to hear about, you’ll gain a healthy following. Also, you’re going to have prospects that find your past content. If you’re being real with your posts, your customer profiles are going to feel more comfortable reaching out to you.

6. Posting with a Conscious Plan

Advertising services on social media to attract your target audience are helpful. If you want to save some money and boost that attention, think about bringing prospects to you. This is going to take some thought. When you have the foundation of knowledge to attract with that target audience, you’ll want to write blog posts, record videos and share case studies. This is valuable information that people will appreciate. It’s a lot more organic and less sale-like. Don’t forget to incorporate hashtags and keywords for SEO purposes. 

7. Be Interested in Your Target Audience

Don’t forget to show interest in what your target audience is posting. While your postings give you a presence, you can also create a presence by liking or commenting on your prospects’ page. All of this commenting, sharing, and posting is part of engaging with people that could become customers.

8. Stay True to Your Brand

Social media is great because you have the opportunity to share your voice. You also have access to people who will respond to that voice. Embrace the opportunity you have in front of you to be true to your brand. Use your voice and be consistent with it. This builds trust within your target audience. It may take some time to get to that point but it’s worth it.

9. Respond to All Inquiries and Comments

Even if engagement is not going to make a certain sale, it’s still important to always engage and respond when given the opportunity. Your target audience wants to be heard and are touched by even the smallest response that you received their message. This is a good way to develop good relationships. If you don’t respond, it could go the other way. 

10. Be Authentic

Customers can see past facades. They are able to assess whether you’re being authentic or now. Whatever you choose to use in regards to a social media platform, always maintain honesty and stay genuine. Anything less and you will likely lose sales.

When you follow these tips, you should be able to find your target audience by attracting them. This can be done through a variety of different content. You choose what best represents your brand. Staying relevant among the groups and pages you belong to are also an important way to boost traffic and sales. Keep creating helpful content and remember to be customer-service oriented. Be consistent with these tips and you should see growth in your business.

Find the Right B2B Digital Marketing Company

Précision Marketing is business-to-business agency that delivers real sales opportunities & ROI. We are specialists in B2B content creation in all forms; web development, paid advertising, digital campaigns, social media strategy and ABM account based marketing. Learn more about how we can help your company at:

Leveraging Digital Media Platforms for B2B Companies

Leveraging Digital Media Platforms for B2B Companies

Business to business markets are different from individual customer markets. That’s why you need a partner who understands the subtleties and needs of your industry.

Précision Marketing develops unique digital strategies for business to business (B2B) companies. Our services are designed using a custom combination of these three main types of digital media that together, will drive your sales results and ROI.

So… what are the main types of digital platforms?

Paid Media

Paid media refers to when a company or brand pays for advertising that drives traffic to their “owned” media platforms (also called properties) via Google Adwords, PPC, SEM, SEO Social Media Advertising, Display Networks, etc.

How we help companies to create and manage their “Paid” Media
•      Media Planning/Ad buys
•      Create and manage digital/mobile campaigns
•      Google Adwords (Certified)
•      Pay per click (PPC)
•      Display Networks/Dynamic/Stories
•      Retargeting
•      Paid sponsorships and promos
•      Social media advertising on all platforms: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
•      Text ads, Video ads, Photo ads
•      Personalized ads to inbox
•      Etc.

Owned Media

When a company or brand owns and controls their media platforms or properties, such as web/mobile sites, blogs, social media channels, content assets, community platforms and more, we call it owned media.

How we help companies with creating and managing their “Owned” Media:
•      Branding
•      Web Services
•      Web development, Custom or WordPress
•      eCommerce strategy and implementation
•      SEO link building
•      Mobile development
•      Content strategy and creation in all forms; blog posts, white papers, industry reports and analysis, case studies, sponsored newsletters, emails, or webinars, and advertorial content (see content creation)
•      Analysis, data reporting and follow up

Earned & Shared Media

In this case, when awareness about a company or brand is built online or offline by others, it is often called earned, or shared media. It can be via editorial, reviews, word of mouth, social engagement, re-posts, shares, influencers, viral posts. This type of media can be achieved through a combination of paid and unpaid programs.

How we help to build awareness for companies
•      PR/Publicity
•      Media relations
•      Blogger relations
•      Investor relations
•      Influencer relations, marketing
•      Partnership/Cobranding
•      Community Service/Charitable Service relations
•      Events Management
•      Editorial management
•      Social conversations/listening
•      Content sharing
•      SEO

Our aim is to get your company found by prospects online, then attract and engage with them once they find you. Let’s get down to business together. and get in touch