Business Coaching

Hi, I’m Lisa, owner of Précision Marketing. 

I love helping small businesses and coaching owners because being an entrepreneur has  been a big part of my life for a very long time and I have experience and tips to share after all this time! 😉

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from the age of eighteen when I started my first successful vintage clothing business. Then went on to study marketing and worked my way up in the corporate world, where I learned management, business marketing and even made millions of dollars for the companies that I worked for. After my children were born, I left corporate and went full time into my side hustle which became this business, Précision Marketing and satisfied my clients worldwide for 15 years, here’s a link to some of them.

I’ve been fortunate to have mentors who’ve helped immensely in my growth and now I want to pay it forward by inviting some smaller businesses to join me on my journey as a teacher and guide. I also want you to benefit from the proven marketing, lead generation and social media strategies that we use every day with clients at Précision Marketing.

Are you looking for ways to grow your business?  Do you want to learn how to generate consistent sales? Book a consultation.

Praise for Lisa’s Business Coaching

Changeroo Children’s Clothing Online


“I spoke with Lisa a few months after starting my online business. I was disheartened and perplexed as to how to obtain customers. Lisa provided me with the encouragement and perspective that helped me stay motivated and on track. Her advice about my business was extremely valuable and I recommend her highly to any business owner seeking her professional help.”

-Liane Guimond, President

Tidy Kaza Professional Organization Services


“Lisa simplified the process of starting my business by highlighting my strengths. She took knowledge of what I do for myself and what I do for my business, and showed me how to improve them. She also helped me with my Instagram page strategy, as well as providing direction for the next steps. She challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone, while keeping my vision. I highly recommend Lisa and guarantee you will be inspired!”
Mireine Tamtsia, President 


A8 Media


“Lisa and I started working together and immediately I connected with her. Lisa became an amazing support system for me and my new business. I adore our sessions, and I come away from each one with a renewed sense of confidence, empowerment and direction for what I want in life and business.”
–Nancy Fusco, President

Wendy Lacroix Portraits

“I’m a photographer, not really trained on the business side of things. To be honest, it’s a part of owning a small business that I’m a little clueless about. Marketing, advertising, websites, SEO, social media algorithms etc. is just not something I understand a whole lot about. Lisa has helped me with some of the basics of marketing, how to reach a target audience, how Facebook campaigns work and how to take advantage of their options to build ads that work. If you need help in taking your business to the next level, Lisa and Precision Marketing is who you should call.”
-Wendy Lacroix, Professional Photographer

Robert Lapointe Photography

“Lisa is a great strategic partner and provides valuable insights for small to large businesses. Her understanding of your business and the marketplace helps to fuel your business and move it forward. Her recommendations are useful and insightful-she doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and will continue to be in the future.”
Rob Lapointe, Professional Photographer

Spa Shirin

“Lisa helped me in determining a direction for my spa business and I really appreciate all work she has done to help me. I’m grateful for the positive learning environment she provided with me with. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way about her. She has a very kind approach.”
Shirin Noroozi, Spa Owner