Social media has become one of the most essential platforms for getting your message out. It draws relevant traffic to your site and can convert those leads into sales. It’s an art to write social posts that will capture the attention of the people you want it to. If you can figure out the recipe however, you can expect gains.  While there are some great tips that will help you succeed with social media, it’s important to first analyze your business. Here are some of the basic considerations and helpful tips to get started.

Choose the Right Platform

You want to make sure you’re in the right place when it comes to a social media platform. If you have something artistic that you’re selling for example, you would choose Pinterest or Instagram as a main platform. Being on all platforms means you spread yourself thin. LinkedIn would be a great place for people offering professional services. Facebook is good for online courses. You can then really focus on your audience and grow within that platform.


Complete Your Account Profile

Take some time to complete the account profile. You should have a great profile image that tells people something about your business. That might just be a great picture of yourself at a professional capacity. If you’re selling the opportunity for wealth in an online course, it might be you on a yacht. All of the required fields should be full of compelling copy and should be linked back to your landing page or website. Make sure to keep up with your postings so people stay engaged with you. This also gets more people following you. If you get messages from people, respond quickly. Take time to like updates that other people post. Share them and leave comments.


Where to Begin?

The first thing you’ll want to do is state your value proposition at the beginning. This is a clear statement that explains how your product/service solves a problem. You then want to back up that proposition with proof. This is where you can talk about knowledge and experience. To best get the wording right or know what message your target audience wants to hear, it’s important to research about those people. Find out more about the businesses you’re looking to sell to. 


Drive a conversation by talking about recent news or asking people to leave comments about the topic. Be honest and candid about the industry and other true thoughts that are coming up. Empathize with your audience’s struggles. Social media is an excellent opportunity to build your brand and become a household name to the people/businesses you want to reach.


Now that you’ve considered the platform you want to work with and how you want people to see your business, we can start discussing the finer details. In the next article, we are going to give you the essential tips for bridging the gap between sales and marketing with social media. Get ready for these business boosting methods to help you gain a greater audience and convert that audience to sales.


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Author: Lisa Gertsman

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