Business to business markets are different from individual customer markets. That’s why you need a partner who understands the subtleties and needs of your industry.

Précision Marketing develops unique digital strategies for business to business (B2B) companies. Our services are designed using a custom combination of these three main types of digital media that together, will drive your sales results and ROI.

So… what are the main types of digital platforms?

Paid Media

Paid media refers to when a company or brand pays for advertising that drives traffic to their “owned” media platforms (also called properties) via Google Adwords, PPC, SEM, SEO Social Media Advertising, Display Networks, etc.

How we help companies to create and manage their “Paid” Media
•      Media Planning/Ad buys
•      Create and manage digital/mobile campaigns
•      Google Adwords (Certified)
•      Pay per click (PPC)
•      Display Networks/Dynamic/Stories
•      Retargeting
•      Paid sponsorships and promos
•      Social media advertising on all platforms: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
•      Text ads, Video ads, Photo ads
•      Personalized ads to inbox
•      Etc.

Owned Media

When a company or brand owns and controls their media platforms or properties, such as web/mobile sites, blogs, social media channels, content assets, community platforms and more, we call it owned media.

How we help companies with creating and managing their “Owned” Media:
•      Branding
•      Web Services
•      Web development, Custom or WordPress
•      eCommerce strategy and implementation
•      SEO link building
•      Mobile development
•      Content strategy and creation in all forms; blog posts, white papers, industry reports and analysis, case studies, sponsored newsletters, emails, or webinars, and advertorial content (see content creation)
•      Analysis, data reporting and follow up

Earned & Shared Media

In this case, when awareness about a company or brand is built online or offline by others, it is often called earned, or shared media. It can be via editorial, reviews, word of mouth, social engagement, re-posts, shares, influencers, viral posts. This type of media can be achieved through a combination of paid and unpaid programs.

How we help to build awareness for companies
•      PR/Publicity
•      Media relations
•      Blogger relations
•      Investor relations
•      Influencer relations, marketing
•      Partnership/Cobranding
•      Community Service/Charitable Service relations
•      Events Management
•      Editorial management
•      Social conversations/listening
•      Content sharing
•      SEO

Our aim is to get your company found by prospects online, then attract and engage with them once they find you. Let’s get down to business together. and get in touch