We all want to succeed and push ahead. It helps if we have the right mindset. Those with a growth mindset believe that one can always improve, catch up, or even surpass others’ natural talents. How can we continue to keep up this drive when things slow down in the summer? Read on.

Developing a growth mindset is challenging but there are things you can incorporate throughout your day to day, no matter what you’re doing to continue your self development and mindset practice even during the slower days of summer.

Focus on learning more about your family or friends. Think of ways you can help and encourage your business partners and employees and colleagues to also develop a growth mindset. Sometimes, it takes stepping away from it all to gain greater insights. So, enjoy your summer with people you care about, and let the juices of creativity start flowing.

Here are a few ways that will keep you in the game even when you’re relaxing under the sun.

Spending Quality Time with Those You Love
Success without fulfillment is a failure. This is what some of the great successful people will tell you. They know because they’re at the top so they’ve seen it first hand. Many wealthy people are unhappy because their personal life was ignored while they rose to the top. When business slows down, you get precious time with family. Using your growth mindset with family can bring you closer. Having real conversations with your partner and children can allow you to grow as a better parent or partner. You are getting closer to the people you love, while still training your brain. It’s good practice and you’re also gaining something valuable.

Learning a Fun, New Pastime
Doing something brand new is awkward. Your mind may limit you, making it hard to accomplish a new activity Your mind isn’t sure what to do and this can cause you to be uncharacteristically clumsy. Surfing, for example will take some practice. As you learn, you’ll have many choices on whether to stay in a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. This kind of practice will show you exactly what you’re choosing. If you don’t improve because you’re not listening to the instructor, you’re not in a growth mindset. Your ego is deciding that it knows better, and you will make the same mistake over and over. If you improve every day you try it, you know you’re in a growth mindset. Not only can you learn something fun but again, you’re keeping that growth mindset keen.

Take Time to Look at Your Business
Summer is slow for many businesses. This is a great time to analyze what isn’t working and creating changes. You may be able to reflect on successes and failures based on reports. As you analyze your business, you can start to see where some changes can be made. You have the time to sit with how you want to handle the changes you’re looking to implement. Think of your employees and how you can give them opportunity to shine as you create change. Think of important tasks you can give them that will be highly motivating.

Reflect On Yourself
Are there times where you shut down or get angry? Maybe there was a plunge in sales or your team wasn’t working to their best abilities. It’s not easy running a business some days, but even the worst moments can serve as a lesson for growth. You have triggers like everyone else. What are these triggers, and how can you work past them when they occur? Getting angry, being afraid, anxious, or any of those other negative feelings get your nowhere. Growth mindset practice means jumping over your shadow in these times, so you don’t try to protect a part of you that creates stagnancy. This is challenging work for anyone, but it will make you better in all aspects of your life and business.

Enjoy your summer, take some time to honor the work you’ve done creating a growth mindset. When things get busy again, you’ll be excited at all the new positive implementations you have in mind. You’ll feel stronger and more confident. It’s a type of self development that makes everything in your life fulfilling so enjoy the process.