Today, all businesses are going to need to leverage social media. It has become one of the most essential platforms for getting your message out. It draws relevant traffic to your site and can convert those leads into sales. It’s an art to write social posts that will capture the attention of the people you want it to. If you can figure out the recipe however, you can expect great gain. If your posts are too hard selling and not helpful or authentic, it probably won’t translate well. There are certain ways you can convey your honesty and genuine care for customers.

Here are 10 great tips that will help you succeed with social media based on analyzing your business.

1. Strategic Content Use

You can’t just add content and hope for the best. A process of thought and effort has to be put forth. You want to add value to every bit of content you post. It is the content that allows people to know what you’re about. It’s what will draw them in and make them loyal customers. You want to add strategic content that entices them to follow you and send them to your website.

When you post, you want to ensure you give people quality content that matters to your target audience. Help them solve the pain point, the problem they are having in their life that you can solve. You also want to add different kinds of content that resonate. This includes images, video, GIFs, text, infographics. Make sure to create a social media calendar and time when you’ll post your content on social media. You can determine when your target audience is online by using your analytics. This is the time you post. 

2. Discover and Monitor Prospects

You can get a lot of results by using monitoring to discover new leads and prospects. Why does this matter? Find relevant people, follow them and engage with them. Start conversations, jump in on threads that you are knowledgeable about. Engage with your prospects. LinkedIn is helpful, offering advanced search options and the Sales NAV option.

For salespeople, it is extremely helpful to generate results that give you the exact people you’re targeting. You can also search for companies, find connections with the company and make sales, all in one platform. 

3. Get into the Group Movement

It’s important that you join groups that apply to your business. Also, it’s advisable that you create your own group. Social media makes it easy to make your own group and invite people. Joining other groups are a good way to source leads and prospects. Groups allow you to see where your target audience is ‘hanging out’ online. What do they care about? Groups they have joined will give you some insight. You also can get active, join those groups and start engaging with them.

It’s a fact that many people join groups to find answers to their problems. They also use them to find products/services that they need. Social selling matters because this is the ‘go-to’ for people to find what they’re looking for. Pay attention to these groups, be a part of them, and contribute valuable knowledge.

4. Talk about the Trends

There are trending topics going around the internet all the time. Leverage that information and talk about it. Check out trending hashtags so you know what the hot topics are. Then, incorporate them into your posts on social media. These hashtags can give you greater exposure where people may find you. Social media gives you the opportunity to create a fun character within your brand. People like surprising anecdotes that they maybe wouldn’t have expected from you. If you can successfully use today’s trends to promote your business, you should be able to get more prospects.

5. Be Real

To be approachable, you will have to be real. Having conversations on social media is all about being true and real. If you have a hint of sass in your posts, work that. You may wish to be more casual or even try being funny. If you constantly start and maintain relationships with open conversations around topics that your target audience want to hear about, you’ll gain a healthy following. Also, you’re going to have prospects that find your past content. If you’re being real with your posts, your customer profiles are going to feel more comfortable reaching out to you.

6. Posting with a Conscious Plan

Advertising services on social media to attract your target audience are helpful. If you want to save some money and boost that attention, think about bringing prospects to you. This is going to take some thought. When you have the foundation of knowledge to attract with that target audience, you’ll want to write blog posts, record videos and share case studies. This is valuable information that people will appreciate. It’s a lot more organic and less sale-like. Don’t forget to incorporate hashtags and keywords for SEO purposes. 

7. Be Interested in Your Target Audience

Don’t forget to show interest in what your target audience is posting. While your postings give you a presence, you can also create a presence by liking or commenting on your prospects’ page. All of this commenting, sharing, and posting is part of engaging with people that could become customers.

8. Stay True to Your Brand

Social media is great because you have the opportunity to share your voice. You also have access to people who will respond to that voice. Embrace the opportunity you have in front of you to be true to your brand. Use your voice and be consistent with it. This builds trust within your target audience. It may take some time to get to that point but it’s worth it.

9. Respond to All Inquiries and Comments

Even if engagement is not going to make a certain sale, it’s still important to always engage and respond when given the opportunity. Your target audience wants to be heard and are touched by even the smallest response that you received their message. This is a good way to develop good relationships. If you don’t respond, it could go the other way. 

10. Be Authentic

Customers can see past facades. They are able to assess whether you’re being authentic or now. Whatever you choose to use in regards to a social media platform, always maintain honesty and stay genuine. Anything less and you will likely lose sales.

When you follow these tips, you should be able to find your target audience by attracting them. This can be done through a variety of different content. You choose what best represents your brand. Staying relevant among the groups and pages you belong to are also an important way to boost traffic and sales. Keep creating helpful content and remember to be customer-service oriented. Be consistent with these tips and you should see growth in your business.

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